What can you build with Fanclastic? 

With FANCLASTIC construction set you will create whatever you want! Build, stay inspired and join us on this fascinating journey through worlds of #fanclastic !

#Fanclastic - the Russian three-dimensional constructionDo you want to build a FANCLASTIC planet and populate it with wonderful creatures — monsters, dinosaurs, robots and zoo animals? Will you fight for it using your superblaster or a light saber just like Luke Skywalker from the "Star Wars"? Do you want to travel across your newly discovered world on a space ship or a helicopter?

FANCLASTIC is the Russian three-dimensional construction set based on the original design and patented in many countries. Three kind of the connections of the details allows to build authentic, massive, strong models and complete them from any side.

FANCLASTIC gives almost unlimited opportunities to build models turning a creative process into a useful activity. It forms spatial thinking and aesthetic perception, develops fine motor skills, attention, patience and creativity. Also it is used at schools as a part of an edutainment activity.

Super strong detail connection allows to play with models, drop them on the floor and move them in any direction. All FANCLASTIC construction sets are compatible with each other and have Lego adapters.

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