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First steps, part 1

Hello, dear friend!

If you have already watched the introductory lessons about connection methods, then you are ready to get acquainted with Fanclastic more closely! Here we’ll show you, how to build simple but still fascinating models. Videos are arranged in order “from simple to complex”, so you can watch them one after another.

The first model is superflexible Spr-r-ring. It is assembled by the most difficult and the strongest connection method — “front edge on front edge”. You can make the Spr-r-ring as long as you want and it won’t fall apart!

The next model is Handbridge, a flexible stick that bends around and above. To assemble it we’ve used the first connection method “level on level”. You can elongate Handbridge just like the previous model. Having enough details, you can build the Handbridge up to 2 metres long and bend it, so it could form a wheel!

Robotron and Umbrelower are assembled by all three types of connection methods. They are more difficult to build, but you’ll make it.

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